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About La Nonna

Our Beginning

The idea of La Nonna started on those Sunday afternoons in our homes when we enjoyed our nonna’s homemade recipes with our Italian and Spanish heritage amongst family & friends, listening to good music, sharing Mate, and most importantly, sharing many laughs. This is exactly what we want you to experience at La Nonna.


We want that through our dishes you can create memories with your loved ones. We want to share our traditions & our dreams with you. We want La Nonna to be the place you can gather and feel like you are at our nonna’s dinner table making memories that will last a lifetime.


At la Nonna, every recipe has its story

When this happens, our dreams will have become a reality.


We invite you to look around (We guess you are at La Nonna) Do you see the tables... the light fixtures…the bar?


Every single piece of this restaurant has a story, every single piece is embedded with our dreams, our past, our present, and has our future imprinted on them.


We promise you to always keep that dream alive and to exceed your expectations through our dishes and our friendly service. After all, you are part of our greatest adventure yet.



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